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UltraSkin Layered Tip - Pro
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Durometer Testing
VerySoft 62.2
Soft 64.8
Medium 72.1
Hard 76.6
HH 78.7

PRO:This Layered Cue Tip is great for players in games where a tremendous amount of spin is desired.  This is a Super Soft Tip.

All Pigskin Leather is inspected to ensure it meets the standards for an UltraSkinLayered Layered Cue Tip, many pieces do not make it and are sold to other industry where the feel of a cue ball does not come into play.

The layers are than tested for impact, different equal layers are divided into a soft, medium and hard range. The pieces not consistent are sold to industry where the feel of a cue ball does not come into play.

Each layer is than shaved into a perfect (or close to perfect) same size.

The layers are than soaked in a Preparatory chemical process to inhibit moisture penetration and left out to naturally cure at there own pace. Means other than Mother Nature can change the physical properties

Specially Preparatory resins are than applied to ensure a non delaminating bond between layers. A slightly different resin hardness is used for the soft, medium and hard. Though when properly applied to a ferrule your layers will not separate it is crucial that the cue repair person does not over heat the tip during installation. Overheating will cause the resin to break down. Simple causes of this are dull cutting tools, trying to take to much tip off in single passes and over burnishing.

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